Buffer Fringe

The Town Crier
2020 / Video Performance, zine and a piece of cloth

A series of paradox sentences depicted through typography, photography and digital fabrication, emphasizing on displaced letters, misplaced words and replaced objects, in a way in which they create new meanings. Project done with Eva Korae for Buffer Fringe Festival 2020. For the needs of the project I drew the missing Greek letters based on the original CUT typeface by MuirMcNeil.

Video: Omiros Panayides & Eva Korae / Voice: George Kyriacou & Loukia Pieridou

 Supported by the department of Graphic Arts and Multimedia, the Book Arts Lab, the Visual Sociology and Museum Studies Lab and Makers Will Make open access makerspace.

zine cover. riso print. photo credits: Silvio Rusmigo
3D printed letters on fabric
Video still