3rd ICSVC: explosion: the global logo

Hollow crater
2017 / Poster / Exhibition

The 3rd International Conference on Semiotics and Visual Communication decided to work on the theme of “explosion: the global logo”. If you read the intro of the The Responsible Object, you’ll find the following: “Digging for treasures from the twentieth century, however, would result in the discovery of countless dumpsites of things we threw away”. It continues: “What the archaeologist of the future will find are the leftovers of an age of rampant, imperishable, man-made objects”. Leftovers that once were perceived and served as necessities will become obsolete and overthrown by the next big brand logo.

The idea started with cardboard cut-outs in order to create a hollow crate symbolising the silence and emptiness that follows the “global logo” explosion. The total emptiness and disappearance of every brand in our minds.