Designed and Published in Cyprus
2015- / Editorial

OWK zine emerged out of my personal need to explore the printing capabilities and different aspects of the Riso printing technique, concerning the printed “page” in a broader context. OWK (Oi Wraioi Kypraioi) is an ironic acronym for “the beautiful Cypriots” in Greek, spelled using Latin characters. OWK is an independent visual library for words and images that create linear or abstract stories providing a structure for publishing and archiving projects. Each issue of OWK collects and shares a small number of artists’ and designers’ work. Through its own malfunction registrations and “monotonous” printing colors, each issue attempts to express a random story build by the contributors’ submissions. Narrated in the content page, creating a mashed up environment available for exploration, OWK reads: “Culturally aroused art & design dialogues.”

Cover image by Vicky Pericleous
Back Cover image by Evelyn Anastasiou
Collage by Loizos Olympiou
Text by Max Sheridan
Marilena Zackheos & Nicos Philippou (Arizona)
Arte-facts by Theopisti Stylianou Lambert
Photos by Adonis Archontides
Font by Savvas Xinaris
Elina Ioannou (left) / Loizos Olympiou (right)
Text by Marina Hadjilouca
Savvas Zinonos
Text by Christina Skarpari