New Paper Project

Those sweet, sweet news
2016 / Book

This project, made in collaboration with Constantinos Xenofontos, was part of the exhibition Fusion is the Future. In this fusion of interests, we shared a common ground in language—spoken and written—as a means of communication. Our aim was to re-conceptualize the idea of the newspaper and what news is. At the same time, we wanted to offer a more romantic perspective on the relationship between the reader and the text. We invited eight writers to get inspired by actual news headlines from a local newspaper and incorporate those headlines into their own narratives. The eight individual short stories featured in the publication highlight the complexities of communication, the reciprocal relationship between the message sender and recipient, and the importance of multiple interpretations of the same message, which individual readers are invited to decode and re-signify based on their own experiences. The following writers participated in this project: Antonis Georgiou, Maria A. Ioannou, Costas Mannouris, Maria Petrides, Niki Lialiari, Avgi Lilli, Max Sheridan, and Stefanos Stavrides.